Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Millions of people suffer from indoor allergies that are found in residential homes and commercial office buildings throughout California. Building occupants and employees often complain of general health symptoms potentially related to poor indoor air quality that include flu like symptoms, respiratory issues, headache, fatigue and eyes and sinus problems. These health symptoms may also stem from personal health conditions or stress. BEM can diagnose the indoor air quality through sampling and analyses of the indoor air and settled dust. Air samples can be analyzed for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), molds and pollen, fiber concentrations and carbon dioxide levels. Dust found within an indoor environment generally represents the quality and history of the ambient air within that indoor environment, which generally include skin scales, cellulose fibers, silicates, air distribution system debris, ash, synthetic fibers, animal feces, cat and dog dander, starch and fungal spores.

BEM provides a wide range of sampling services intended to determine home and work place indoor air quality. Through our inspection, sampling and analyses we can diagnose your indoor environment through the following.

Indoor Air Quality 1

  • Summa Canister air samplers can check for over 75,000 different VOCs
  • Dust Characterizations determine the makeup of settled dust
  • Spore Trap sampling for mold, pollen and debris levels
  • Specific chemical testing such as formaldehyde for off-gassing
  • Carbon dioxide levels
  • Nuisance dust and fiber levels