Lead Consulting Services

Recent regulatory changes in U.S. EPA leadand U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations have resulted in an increased amount of responsibility and attention to lead paint liabilities for private residential property owners. Also, Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulations have been updated to reflect more current knowledge of worker exposure studies during construction activities and industrial operations.

Based upon the most recent regulations and guidelines at both the state and federal levels, BEM offers lead paint inspection, risk management, hazard control planning and construction monitoring services to meet guidelines issued by EPA, HUD, OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

With the use of BEM’s lead consulting services, the problems associated with lead-based paint can be solved economically, and with the least frustration possible to you and your company. Our lead consulting professionals are familiar with government lead paint guidelines and OSHA regulations and we understand your need to protect your organization from the liabilities associated with lead paint problems.