Bacterial Consulting Services

When waBovee Bacteria1-1ter intrusion occurs within a residential or commercial structure from toilet and sink backups, broken sewer pipes and or contaminated water intrusion, conditions within that structure can quickly become harmful to its occupants due to excessive and harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Enterococcus. Exposure to microorganisms and water damage 1-1endotoxins as the result of a sewage spill can cause adverse health effects in humans. To insure occupant safety, inspecting and testing contaminated areas prior to and/or after the initial emergency cleanup is recommended.

BEM will inspect for evidence of noticeable odors and/or visible evidence of environmental conditions that could sustain bacteria growth, as well as conditions that may warrant current or future concerns of microbiological contamination. Through our inspection, sampling and analyses we can provide the following services.

  • Surface swab sampling to determine bacteria presence prior to remediation
  • Development of detailed scope of work (Protocol) for remediation
  • Surface swab sampling to determine bacteria presence upon completion of remediation
  • Air sampling for bacteria utilizing an Andersen Sampler