Asbestos Consulting Services

Well documented facts on the health risks of asbestos have caused the federal government and California to enact laws and issue regulations designed to limit human exposure to asbestos. These laws and regulations are constantly being changed in Asbestos3order to limit the exposure levels of these materials. Understanding these regulations and managing asbestos containing materials will ensure that your liabilities are safe and protected from regulations and laws concerning asbestos. Even when the law does not force the issue, a proactive asbestos policy is a sound approach to managing liability and health concerns.

BEM has provided asbestos consulting Asbestos1-1services on projects ranging from small farm houses to entire universities. Many clients utilize our asbestos inspection and survey services for renovation and demolition projects or request our asbestos risk assessments and Operations and Maintenance plans to comply with EPA and OSHA regulations. BEM also works closely with the removal (abatement) of asbestos in the on-sight monitoring and final air sampling for project closure.

We have developed a number of services to manage asbestos:

  • Inspection survey with compliance report
  • Laboratory analysis by PLM, PCM and TEM
  • Risk assessment and Operations & Maintenance plans
  • Asbestos abatement design specifications
  • Air monitoring and construction management

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